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Aerelle ABHR Dispenser Refillable 925ml

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Aerelle ABHR Dispenser Refillable 925ml

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Aerelle is a uniquely transformable dispensing system able to dispense liquid and foam hand wash products. Furthermore, you can easily change the basic function of the dispenser to Hand and Toilet Seat Sanitisers or even a Wet Wipe Station.
The stylish button free cover makes the Aerelle range of dispensers trouble free and more hygienic. For a higher standard of bacterial
control use the disposable pouches and pumps. The easy-change pump and reservoirs are made exclusively for the Aerelle System Dispensers.

This dispenser is specifically designed for Hospitals, Clinics and surgeries.

Aerelle Alcohol Gel 5L Bulk Refill

Product Dimensions (mm):
230(L) x 133(W) x 82(D)