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Airomist AROMA 6000 shot

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Airomist AROMA 6000 shot

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Airomist Aroma is perfect for bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, garbage areas, cupboards, damp rooms, basements, gyms, pet areas, washrooms, locker rooms, hospitals.

Fragrances: (select above)
Apple Berry
Tauranga Citrus
Lemon Lime
Green Tea & Aloe
Fresh Linen
Powder Fresh
CK One Type

For use in our Airomist Air Freshener Dispensers
Airomist Econo Dispenser
Airomist Digital Dispenser

Airomist® Aroma fragrances get rid of unpleasant smells and odours. Airomist’s inbuilt odour neutraliser works away to eliminate malodours and provides rooms with clean fresh scents.
Each 275ml can contains 6000 metered doses. The spray is effective in room sizes up to 170m³.

Fragrance Descriptions: 

Apple berry  Ardrich_Aromist_Aroma_Apple_Berry
Sweet fruity juicy green apple melded with piquant summer raspberries and hints of licorice and wild violets.

Frangipani  Ardrich_Aromist_Aroma_Frangipani
An uplifting fragrance capturing the essence of a summer breeze; the light scent of frangipani petals is blended with sun-ripened fruit and a hint of precious wood.

Lavender  Ardrich_Aromist_Aroma_Lavander
A characterful, unique fragrance of aromatic lavender essence and herbal notes rounded off with genital chamomile and precious woods.

Green-tea & Aloe  Ardrich_Aromist_Aroma_Green-Tea_and_Aloe
An herbaceous dry green balsamic tea type with top notes of green leaves and melon, middle notes of rose, lily, jasmine, gardenia, and mint with a woody amber, milky sandalwood base note.

Fresh Linen  Ardrich_Aromist_Aroma_Fresh_Linen
A mild floral sweet clean, muguet type with top notes of orange and lavender, middle notes of lily of the valley, violet, heliotrope, and ozone, with a white musky amber and sweet clover like dry out.

Tauranga citrus Ardrich_Aromist_Aroma_Tauranga_Citrus
A mixed berry fruit punch type with top notes of mulberry, pineapple, lemon and orange, middle notes of strawberry, rhubarb, black currant, pear, jasmine and plum, with a powdery raspberry and sandalwood base note.

Lemon-lime  Ardrich_Aromist_Aroma_Lemon_Lime
Fresh sparkling west Indian limes blended with preserved lemons and balsamic floral nuances.

Powder fresh  Ardrich_Aromist_Aroma_Powder_Fresh
A delicate, light, fresh air fragrance. Top notes of clean ozone, citrus and nuances of cherry. Heart notes of classic jasmine and a delicate rose. Woody powder, spicy vanilla and sensual musk complete the fragrance.

Ck one type  Ardrich_Aromist_Aroma_CK_One_Type
A refreshing combination of citrus, green, and woody accords. The top notes are pineapple, mandarin, bergamot, lemon, cardamom, papaya, and green notes. The middle notes are nutmeg, violet, orris, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, and rose. The base notes are sandalwood, amber, musk, cedar, and oakmoss.


Lavender – AC93001, Frangipani – AC93035, Apple Berry – AC93036, Tauranga Citrus – AC93037, Lemon Lime – AC93043, Green Tea & Aloe – AC93044, Fresh Linen – AC93045, Powder Fresh – AC93046, Ck One Type – AC93049