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Airomist ODORBAN 6000 Shot

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Airomist ODORBAN 6000 Shot

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Airomist ODORBAN 6000’s unique odor neutralizing formula removes odors quickly and permanently.
Use to combat stubborn odours that have built up over time.

For use in our Airomist Air Freshener Dispenser (order code: A15602)

Professional Strength Odour Neutraliser for use in commecial, industrial and institutional buildings.

ODORBAN is not only an excellent air freshener…it is a true odor neutralizer, effectively eliminating bad smells.
ODORBAN’s professional strength formula includes two odor counteractants that actually attack and neutralize the odor molecules.

Malodors in the air, on surfaces, carpet or fabric… where they originate… are eliminated…leaving behind a clean, long-lasting fragrance.

Effective against the toughest odors, including tobacco smoke, and bathroom and pet odors.