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OXIRA XN Ozone Generator

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OXIRA XN Ozone Generator

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OXIRA XN Germicidal Ozone Generator
Mimicking the effects of thunderstorms, this model produces ozone to attack odour particles.
As these units are designed to mimic mother-nature, they operate quietly and efficiently to provide a non-chemical method of deodorising the air.

Suitable for: Garbage Rooms, Linen & Laundry Rooms, Factories.

Product Information Sheet

Ultraviolet is a natural germicide
At a certain frequency, UV is a very effective germicide. It is absorbed by the DNA, and kills the cells. Micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria, yeasts and fungi are destroyed in seconds with UV irradiation. This occurs in mother-nature in the form of sunlight and thunderstorms.

Naturally Safe
Whilst ultraviolet occurs naturally, direct intense skin exposure is highly harmful. OXIRA units are sealed and fan-forced, providing a safe and effective germicidal and odour-reducing solution. The ozone levels produced by the XN is within safe limits when used appropriately.

Worldwide Use
These units are used in HealthCare, AgedCare, ChildCare and other public areas where cross contamination of germs or odours may occur. Designed with global voltages in mind, for use anywhere in the world.

Compact and Easy.
size(mm): 360 x 46 x 41h x 1.0kg
Just plug it in, 12V plugpack included.
Wall Mounting Available


“… in more than 115 years experience,
we have never seen anything like this … “
Dr. Abhay Chowdhary, Director of Bacteriology,
The Haffkine Institute, an Advanced Centre for
Disease Control, est. 1899.